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What is the best video creator?

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Please share your input. Thanks.
asked Apr 1, 2014 in Internet Marketing by anamel (12,110 points)  
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5 Answers

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If you are looking to create videos capturing your desktop I would say Camtasia as being one of the best  tools around ....  let me have more info on exactly what sort of video you want to create may be better tools out there for what you want to do ... hope this helps.

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answered Apr 9, 2014 by MCB247 (1,840 points)  
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I wanna add 1 free option. That is Jing.

You can also use Powerpoint to create slideshow video.

And definitely your smartphone (which very popular now) is one good choice too.

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answered Apr 11, 2014 by Blue Spring (8,310 points)  
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The simplest free tool, good enough to quickly create simple videos and images, add some transitions and text, comes with all Windows versions = Windows Movie Maker. The tool sucks for longer videos, as it is not very stable and often freezes when you have many transitions etc. But it toally does the job to add an URL on your video (= add text) or insert images and such. Good enough for starters and its free.
I am not a Mac user, but for Mac there is also a free basic movie editing software coming with the system.

If you want to mix up things automatically and let a slide show look pretty there are online video tools that are usually free for videos up to 30sec or so. You have to pay for longer videos or HD quality.
Examples: or or etc.
Those are more photo slide show creators, but you can also insert video portions. And they also provide you free music you can use on your videos, and that music tracks are royalty free (= you can use them on your videos without copy right issues)

A free video editing software option I have heard people talk about is - but I have never used it myself, so I cannot share any experience on that one.


For Screen Recording:
Like mentioned already, is great for screen recordings, and free for up to 5min video legth.

Camtasia Studio is the big brother of Jing and a professional, and expensive screen recording video tool, about $300   -  Jing and Camtasia a both from the same company =


And then we have all kinds of various video editing software for cutting and editing your recordings any way you like, and add more nice effects, and price depends on features of course.
Sony Vegas Pro for example is a great one, feature rich and expensive. But may be overkill for what you need for video marketing. Smaller ones that do the job just great, including green screen / blue screen (chroma key effects), if you look into somethign neat, would for example be Magix products = . Personally I am for example using Magix Movie Edit Pro (about $69 if I remember correctly), which is feature rich and excellent enough for making really nice videos, transition and video effects, and at that price even has the green screen feature. Magix ( and Sony ( products are pretty much the best, since audio and video products are their core business since years. Nevertheless you can google for other video editing options suiting your demands and budget.






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answered Apr 23, 2014 by smartbiz (3,100 points)  
edited Apr 23, 2014 by smartbiz
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VIDEOMAKER FX - NEW “All in One” Super Marketing Video Creator

I bought it very recently and I think it is great.

Here's what it can do:
- EXPRESS Video Sales Letters
- White-Board Style Videos
- Awesome Animated Character Videos
- Explainer Videos
- Use the Library of Backgrounds, Effects, Royalty Free Audio Tracks and Image/Video Clips
- Fully customize the text and brand the video how you want it to look!
answered Jun 5, 2014 by kevinflatt (1,660 points)  
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You might want to try screencast-o-matic.  It's easy to use, there is a free version and the paid option is really low cost.  15 dollars to upgrade for the entire year!  I use it to record my tutorials on wordpress, IM, affiliate marketing etc....


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answered Jul 19, 2014 by guzie (2,460 points)  
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