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Content Ferret vs Answer Analyst?

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As for now we all know that the purpose Content Ferret mainly serves is the research work. However in that case won't Answer Analyst be preferrable instead, as it's available for a one time fee, and serves the purpose of research?

I understand that Content Ferret researches keywords and Answer Analyst researches questions, but they both offer research to create contet interesting for the reader. They both serve the purpose of creating 'in demand' content. How does it matter whether it's keywords based or questions based?

Web based version is appealing usually to those who are using Mac, (though they can use parallel to use the softwares).

What I want to know is that why would one prefer Content Ferret over Answer Analyst, considering that AA is available for one time fee. As for the spin feature in Content ferret is likely not a surpass for readability.
asked Nov 1, 2014 in Internet Marketing by Frendz (7,530 points)  
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2 Answers

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In answer to your question, I myself prefer to use content ferret. It not only helps me to create great content based upon the keyword, but is a great tool for brainstorming too. I prefer to see an entire article around the topic, I am wanting to create content for.

However, saying that, using Answer Analyst, could also be a fantastic tool to help create the right drilled down types of questions, and what you want answers for, again great for coming up with endless niche topic ideas.

I guess, the choice between the 2 would have to be cost. For many they want a tool, that gets updated, and typically pay for it one time. I paid for content ferret as a one time tool. So in my opinion, I would say start with content ferret if you already know the niche. Use Answer Analyst to explore unlimited niches. Now, Article wizard is a bonus with Content ferret, and is an excellent tool to use together with Content Ferret, so the need for Answer Analyst may not even be necessary at that point.


Hope my anwers helps those who read it.

answered Dec 14, 2014 by libby (23,340 points)  
I understand your point. I guess I'll have to do with IAW instead. It's also used to do research when you already know the niche. The problem is it doesn't supports long tail keywords.
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Some years ago, I purchased IAW and I liked it, but after some time, I didn't get good results in my language (Portuguese). I didn't purchase Content Ferret because it's focused on some niches (and probably didn't cover Portuguese niches) or Answer Analyst (I needed a more "broad-text" writing tool than AA could offer).

Now, I intend to redeem my JL points for IAW and, if it's good for Portuguese content again, I guess it'll have more advantage on others for non-English niches.
answered Apr 18, 2015 by Christiano (49,030 points)  
Until now I didn't get good results with IAW, I'll update you if I get it.
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