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What is the point system for the "Internet Marketing Q & A" or where can you find a breakdown?

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715 views asked Sep 1, 2013 in Internet Marketing by azcats72 (240 points)  
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Excellent question - I just joined and wonder what activity is worth how many points. I don't understand why the point value of activities is not shown anywhere?? Or is it? Cannot find it.

I like to be efficient and target goals, and value my time. Guesswork, and searching is not helpful
No offense intended, this website sure looks like a great idea! But transparency = focus = efficiency.

@Jon Leger - Wouldn't you like to publish a points/activity overview?  Much appreciated.

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6 Answers

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Good question. I've just monitored my activity to determine point values.  Simple "clicks" are the least - 10 points when I vote for a question or answer.

The same for commenting on replies.

Answering questions has the "big points" for 50 it seems.

Asking questions is worth good points too but I don't recall the amount.

Hope that helps.

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answered Sep 1, 2013 by Info Guy (16,740 points)  
Thanks Info Guy. That gives me a good rough idea.
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- deleted a bunch of stuff here, see last sentence - 

Oh, almost forgot... If you refer people and they participate and answer, you get a point match of some kind for their points, I think it's one-to-one!  If you get some active referees, that's where your big increases likely will come from.

EDITED - It's in the FAQ's - Oops!

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answered Sep 8, 2013 by Michael D. Forbes (6,880 points)  
edited Sep 8, 2013 by Michael D. Forbes
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Votingno longer gives you any points, just an f.y.i. What I get the most points out of are the medals earned for various things, like when other users vote up my questions or answers i earn rewards. There are certain amount of votes what you need to receive a "medal" Its just a nice bonus on top of the points earned asking and answering.
answered Sep 9, 2013 by blackcat (19,040 points)  
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I get 40 points for answering questions.



answered Sep 15, 2013 by Tradeview (7,480 points)  
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If you go to it's all explained there.

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answered Sep 17, 2013 by Cyberchoices (23,930 points)  
edited Oct 4, 2013 by Cyberchoices
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I only hope that we can get points for earning badges too. Unfortunately, you don't earn any points from earning badges, if I am not wrong.
answered Oct 11, 2013 by lubanolim (35,720 points)  
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