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What Kind Of Backlinks Are The Best?

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What kind of backlinks are the best? Do we need to get every type of backlinks or is there some specific backlinks which can do the job and save time.
asked Sep 4, 2013 in Search Engine Optimization by hbhanot (1,070 points)  
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The best back links I would have to say would be from authority sites whether this is article directories, pdf document distribution networks, power point directories. I have heard of automatic back links, but you want to be real careful if you are going to use something of that sort. You want to get back links, but not so many where its obvious its not a human doing this and its a piece of software bot etc.
For me, the best backlink is GUEST POST backlinks. You just don't have the chance to build high quality backlinks but also you are building authority to the blog that you've submit your guest post content.

I have a friend that do this all the time and now, his blog sore high and been an authority in the content marketing niche.
The best backlinks for me are those links came from Authority sites having high PR, good amount of traffic and high domain authority.

29 Answers

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You don't have to have every type of backlink but the more diverse your backlinking profile is, the better.

The backlinks that I had the best results with are from authority sites in the same niche with high PR. You can do blog comments or ideally contact the site owner and offer to guest post for them. Blog network links are also still very effective but you have to be sure that the network is reliable and that the blogs have low numbers of outbound links. Many people create their own small blog networks to rank their own sites.

Social backlinks from social sites and web 2.0s are good as well and links from edu and gov blogs.
answered Sep 4, 2013 by CoolCat (7,730 points)  
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With Google's constant update, yes having a mixture of backlinks is important. I wouldn't say any one particular type is more important than the other. Mainly for the reason that you don't know what Google will update next. However, if you look for conversation. And aim to leave your links to a relevant conversation, you will find that you receive very target, in the zone visitors regardless of ranking. For example, say you are promoting a particular product. You would search for conversations relating to this product in forums, facebook, and web 2.0 sites where people can start and join a conversation. Where appropriate you participate in the conversation and leave a link to your site. Other people who are also interested in this product and has the same question then reads your answer, follow your link and is in a more likely mood to purchase your product or service.
answered Sep 4, 2013 by weifu (660 points)  
Do you know any software to achieve this process.
You could try crowdforce by blueprintcentral. This software will go out and search relevant forums for your keywords.
It was released by The Trinity Code
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Surely all the backlinks from:
-sites of the same niche
-authority sites
-mix dofollow/nofollow
answered Sep 4, 2013 by emilix85 (1,340 points)  
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From what I gather (and I'm no expert mind you), it's safest to have a mix to have a natural looking link profile that emulates a mini-viral campaign. For example, if those links were being created by users, who use different platforms or have different preferences, then your link profile would include social bookmarks, social networks, blogs, blog comment, no-follow & do-follow and if you are lucky a good number of high PR links from authority sites.

Depending on yoru product, you might also have a few .gov, .edu, or wiki links. Of course, those are the 'kings' of backlinks in some ways cause they are so hard to get.  But I think the goal is to emulate a natural looking  raise to popularity on various mediums.

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answered Sep 5, 2013 by Pandita (6,740 points)  
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You want to diversify your backlink profile as much as possible. You also want to diversify the anchor text used with those backlinks. Both are very important these days.

All of the link types RankCrew offers are good. Obviously, natural links are the best, but lets face it, those can take years to generate and your competition isn't only relying on natural links.
answered Sep 5, 2013 by Josh Spaulding (2,040 points)  
+1 vote
If you can find a private network with high PR sites in your niche, you’ve found gold. Because that’s what’s working best right now. You want to combine it with various other links like Web 2.0 properties, press releases, bookmarks, blog comments.

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answered Sep 5, 2013 by TheTraveler (1,860 points)  
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I like to join high PR private blog network with the same niche to place backlinks on. This type of backlink is the best one for me although link diversification from web 2.0, forum profile, article directories, social network, etc is important as well. To boost my keyword rank using the safe way, I give backlinks to backlinks of private blog network (tier 2 links).
answered Sep 5, 2013 by pchost (1,850 points)  
This is good information to know. thanks!

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Good one but there could be more to it.
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Ideally, you will want authority backlinks coming from authority domains (in other words high page rank backlinks from high page rank domains in your niche). That said, almost any type of backlinks, including nonrelevant ones work when it comes to ranking in Google.
I like to do things differently, typically I will recommend reverse analysing the top 10 results in Google, and seeing what is their backlinks profile, the number of links they have, the number of links are adding each week, etc. Understandably these links are considered good in that niche as proven by the top 10 ranking these websites are enjoying based on the strength of these backlinks.
From here on it is a simple matter of going and getting some of these types of links yourself, and even perhaps from the same sources if that is a possibility. Keep yourself within striking range of the competition, adding similar type of links, and in similar numbers and you will do very well in the search engine rankings and will only need an additional 10% increase over the competition to come out on top.
answered Sep 6, 2013 by jmorris (600 points)  
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High PR links from same niche are the best. If you have a budget then buy PR5+ contextual links. If don't want to spend initially then you will have to make links manually. Do following: 1. Make 10 High PR Social Profiles 2. Make 5 Web 2.0 blogs 3. Submit articles to five PR4+ directories 4. Submit RSS feeds to respective aggregaters 5. Submit site to high PR web directories 6. Submit posts to top 10 social bookmarking sites 7. Make couple of videos and add to Youtube with backlink 8. Create Google+ account with back link, and setup Google authorship. Your image shall be displayed in search result. These sort of normal activities is sufficient to rank a less competitive site. Subject is vast, but just start doing.

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answered Sep 9, 2013 by Bittukishu (840 points)  
I like this strategy very much. Because it gives a clear picture onhow to go about diversifying our backlinks.

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Just to supplement what emilix85 has listed. Don't forget social bookmarks and links from social sites like Facebook, Twitter ect. You can also get back links from forums. What is impüortant is that you make sure the links come from relevant pages and/or sites.

Getting links from pages with contents about motors will not help a site or page based on sports for instance.

answered Sep 4, 2013 by Buxykay (15,690 points)  
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A mix is good but it is definiely the hgh PR backlinks that are winning at the moment... in fact if you don't have time for any others to start with, or just want to test the niche before diving in for hours of work then a couple of high PR links can actually be enough to rank sometimes...
answered Sep 5, 2013 by Alex Copeland (600 points)  
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You need almost every type of backlinks - and get them is, in minimum, bored. So, you need study how to approach each type and implement a process to automate/outsource/take less time from you.

When I started to blog comment, I got to write 10 comments per hour. Geez! Now, I'm getting around 50 comments per hour. It isn't so much, but those comments are posted manually in my niche and most of them are approved. :-)
answered Sep 5, 2013 by Christiano (49,030 points)  
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The best types of backlinks are those which real humans use. Increasing your traffic is what the bottom line of all website promotion is. It is not about getting rankings, that is just a step toward getting more traffic.

A few years ago good trainers and mentors were teaching people to be as independent of search engines as possible, remember the internet existed for a long time before search engines. Google is a perfidious lover and what you have today may be taken away tomorrow, but traffic bearing links tend to stay around for a long time.

Given that we know that search engines reward sites with an appropriately large number of incoming links with improved rankings it makes sense to build links for the purpose of improved search rankings but the trick is to seek out the traffic sources. Just as a point of reference, I used to run a site with something north of 4000 daily uniques, over 70% of traffic came from sources other than organic search (and I never, ever, bought a visitor)

Where to find the links? This will vary according to your niche. For some niches it might be that you see a lot of blog traffic, for others it might be from one or more forums. Some article directories are great for this, they get lots of readers of their content. If you can get a decent article written for less than $5 and over the course of 6 months it generates traffic from one directory that spends $15 then that single link has been well worthwhile.

One way to find traffic sources is to look at the link profiles of sites that are ranked well, sites that you can respect - not rubbish, see where their linking is from. I bet that you will find traffic sources by looking at what your competitors' webmaster and marketing team are up to.



answered Sep 6, 2013 by andrewwilson (9,160 points)  
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diversity is the absolute key.. diversity in different link sources and Diversity in anchor text ratio!

in other words it has too look natural, so it must point to your site from multiple sources and in multiple ways, not just text links, but no text, no follow, mixed random text such as, like, share, click, and just your url...

No matter how many links you build and from how many different sources they must be dynamic also in how they link as not to raise a red flag with Google...

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answered Sep 6, 2013 by winstanleyf1 (1,540 points)  
edited Sep 6, 2013 by jonathanleger
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Buy your own high PR domains from GoDaddy auctions (or others).

Host them with unique class C domains and you have ultimate control of your destiny and it can actually be cheaper than buying (renting) high PR links.

I like to buy the domain and rebuild- having high PR and lots of backlinks get great long lasting results!

answered Sep 7, 2013 by vitaware (4,210 points)  
edited Sep 7, 2013 by vitaware
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I think the backlinks should be diversifed as much as possible. Then only your sites can achieve good ranking. Just my 2 cents. cool

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answered Sep 8, 2013 by anamel (12,110 points)  
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The best links are the links from high PR pages like Facebook, WF, Twitter etc.. they get you a great weight.
answered Sep 8, 2013 by PureGreen (15,040 points)  
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I think .edu is the most important backlinks ever as google and consider the domain ends a very good one and source of information, so if a site has this kind of backlink will appear in google's eye as a very power and strong one. There are many articles showed that one .edu backlink could be better than 100 of other type.
answered Sep 8, 2013 by shawa (18,850 points)  
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The best type of backlinks come from high PR blogs and article directories. They should also be contextual in nature,meaning they should be in the content of the article/blog post. The anchors should only be exact match 15% of the time so you don't raise a red flag with Google.

With that being said, you should also focus on other types of backlinks because Google likes what we call "link diversity". Other places to get backlinks are from blog comments,forum posts, and Q&A sites.
answered Sep 14, 2013 by tyronne_ratcliff (140 points)  
edited Sep 14, 2013 by tyronne_ratcliff
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I have been learning a lot  about backlinking methods since joining this forum. I can suggest that it is better to diversify your backlinks, and to make them natural. Meaning I would create no more than 5 per day for the first month of creating my websites. You want to give it time to age before you start having links coming into it.

It is better to get links from different sources as well, like pr 3 sites, authority sites, and mix in some do-follow, and no-follow links as well. This appears more natural than getting them all at once source in too short of a period of time.

Also using social media I have recently learned can also help with link juice. I don't think you can just build links one time at certain websites and than leave it alone. Google does change their rules as I am sure your aware of, so making up a schedule to building backlinks on a weekly bases I think would be your best approach for long traffic benefits.

I hope my answer helps all that read this topic

answered Sep 19, 2013 by libby (23,340 points)  
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social media or high PR websites

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answered Sep 24, 2013 by ricgrb1 (3,320 points)  
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Diversity is the key, but if you are talking about powerful backlinks, then buying a nice aged, high PR domain that has expired always works well for me. Building a private link network that you control is one fo the best link building assets you can have.

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answered Oct 6, 2013 by (10,820 points)  
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High PR backlinks that is relevant to your niche is the best you can ever get. If you have the money to invest, consider setting up your own blog network. If your niche is not that competitive, getting a few pr3 domains will probably be enough to help you rank. If your niche is more competitive, you may want to consider pr4 and pr5 links.

You do not need every single type of backlink. However, it is helpful to get backlinks from a variety of places so as to increase link diversity. Of course, try not to go for low quality links such as forum profile links. If you do so, it may hurt your site more than it helps.
answered Oct 13, 2013 by lubanolim (35,720 points)  
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There is no single 'best'!

Different types of links have different strengths and weaknesses so you might be better looking at 'best for purpose'.

Where is your business weak at the moment? Traffic, conversions, search engine rankings, bounce rates, indexation?

Your backlink profile, if well balanced, will address all the above paramters but different types of link will affect these parameters to different degrees.
answered Nov 13, 2013 by andrewwilson (9,160 points)  
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The best backlinks are the ones counted and trusted by the search engine you are optimizing for (Google, Bing, etc.) How do you know which ones are trusted and counted?

Ultimately, it is anybody's guess. But most likely Google would trust Huffington post, Forbes and other sites. However, it mostly likely will not trust your links, if most of them have over-optimized anchor text.

At the same time, it's great if your backlinks work both way. That is, if they also drive you traffic. Even if they get ignored by Google, there will be still value from them.

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answered Nov 14, 2013 by LinkAssistant (2,060 points)  
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Backilinks created on high PR sites are the best. As that would mean that they already meet the TOS of Google algorithms, and will bring link juice from authority sites to your blog or website.
answered Feb 13, 2014 by Frendz (7,530 points)  
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I think the best backlinks are backlinks from authority sites
answered Mar 30, 2014 by jobusiness97 (7,920 points)  
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Using social media is also a good strategy for building effective backlinks. They are both high PR sites as well as the most viewed among users. Tools like IFTTT can be effective here.
answered Jan 9, 2015 by Frendz (7,530 points)  
0 votes
Nowadays - 2015. High PA, High PR, Relevant and Passive backlinks is I think the best. This is because people are naturally linking to your page without asking them to link to. This is the basic concept of content marketing. The idea here is that, you must create a pillar content that gives value to your targeted audience. After that, market that content by reaching out bloggers and influencers around your niche.

You can also reach out your audience directly via social media. Or publish your pillar content in PR sites or advertise it in Facebook. This way, there are many people can see your information and benefit from it.
answered Jan 29, 2015 by rtrev (4,140 points)  
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