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When you Target A Niche How Many Products Would you List On One Site?

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I am trying to determine how much is too much when it comes to creating niche Affiliate websites?

How many products would you list on each site and why please? thanks
asked Sep 5, 2013 in Niches by libby (23,340 points)  
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6 Answers

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One. If you're promoting products as an affiliate you need to focus on one per page. Presell that product and offer them an opt in in exchange for a free report on an exit pop if they don't click through to buy. That way you can do additional offers via email.

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answered Sep 5, 2013 by jonathanleger (20,200 points)  
Hi Jon!,

I was going to use these for niche affiliate websites, creating them with a WP set up, so is it better to make Pages or posts, and put one product then or target several of them?
Posts are better because they go in the rss feed so it's easier to get them indexed and you have more link building options. One product per site is best because if they browse around they keep being referred to the same product. The average consumer has to see a product 7 times before they'll buy, which is another reason having them opt in is so important. Having a whole bunch of products just splits the attention and Waters down conversion rates. Of course you may need to test a variety of products to get the one that converts well, but still you only want to offer one at a time.

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Thank you very much for further explaining this. Would you do this as well for Amazon Products? Or are these the steps when promoting Click Bank Products only?
It applies for any product, but I personally won't offer Amazon products because the commission is so tiny. Unless there's no other option I stay away from Amazon.

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So what type of products than may I ask that you promote from? I do realize that about the low commissions on Amazon, but I have been getting tons of emails here lately all talking about Amazon so thought it might be worth promoting several of their products together on one website. Still debating it.

thanks Jon

That depends on your market. What are you targeting?

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I was going to target the health niche, but of course drill down to certain topics to create some niche sites around.
I look forward to your reply.
Can you be more specific? ClickBank has a variety of weight loss related products that do well, but outside of that you'd probably do better finding a solid independent product and seeing if it has an affiliate program.

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Hi Jon,

Yes I thought about going with CJ or linkshare. I was going to target people who had trouble with certain health issues. So click bank might not work for this area.
thanks for the reply.. any other tips I am open.
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Jon was right. One! When I started IM I crampped my sites with 6 products in the same niche. I got good traffic but the conversions were low. At the same time I set up a blog on Blogger but focussed on only one product of the 6. Can you guess the result?

The blog had less than half visitors but the conversion was more than 3 times.
answered Sep 5, 2013 by Buxykay (15,690 points)  
Thank you for confirming this Buxykay. I will defiantly give that method a try.
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Mostly I put 2 different products on a site. The 2 products must at least related to each other having common interest. Obviously the objective is to maximize the profits from one single site.  cool

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answered Sep 14, 2013 by anamel (12,110 points)  
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I almost always create an Exact Match Domain and target only one product. I’ve had best results by registering (or .net .org).

I then create a review content for the main page, video is best. Show exactly what the product does and how it makes my (your) life easier, which means I actually purchase the product I’m promoting first.

Then I set-up Article Builder to add content for me at rate 3 – 7 articles per week. That gives me a fresh content plus some links almost daily.

Then I add aweber form to capture email address before sending my visitors to the sales page. I skip this step if I don’t have anything extra to offer in exchange for the email address.

Then I promote it the usual way: Backlinks, backlinks and more backlinks.

Running a home based business while traveling is not only possible, but really simple too.

answered Sep 5, 2013 by TheTraveler (1,860 points)  
Hi TheTraveler,
Thank you for your suggestions. Would this method also work if I was to put these product reviews onto sub-domain names?

Is it not possible to still promote these products without purchasing them, as I would think that could get expensive very fast?

Hi Libby,
I’ve noticed that subdomains don’t rank as good as they used to. And it’s only $10 extra per domain name per year. Sometimes even less. And it will get you much further.
No, you don’t have to own the product in order to promote it. But look at it this way: A sales guy is selling you Samsung TV, tells you how great it is. You ask him ‘What TV do you have in your living room?’ He’d say ‘Sony’. Would you still buy Samsung TV from him or from someone else, who has Samsung TV in every room, including bathroom?

Running a home based business while traveling is not only possible, but really simple too.

Thank you The traveler for this reply. I do see your point on the tv example. I did not know that about sub domain names, you taught me something new

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I'd build a website focusing one product per problem.

For example, if your audience needs a good spinner tool, you shouldn't offer two or more spinners there, instead of, offer one, offer the best, offer The Best Spinner! (Hey Jon, let's combine my commission later! )

And if your audience needs content, so you should offer only one solution too, for example, Article Builder.

This way, you can offer up to three different products in same website, if they aren't solving same problem. In my opinion, if your visitor realizes those tools, when combined, can solve all of your problems about something (e.g., content marketing), so you'll get great conversion.

answered Sep 18, 2013 by Christiano (49,030 points)  
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As many as it makes sense, depending on your niche.

For example, if your niche is dating for men, you can have one product for each category, eg. online dating, how to overcome fear of approach, etc.

For those who are specifically interested in online dating, they will probably buy the online dating product.

For those who are afraid of approaching women, they will probably buy the "how to overcome fear of approaching women" product.

Basically, you want to include the best product for each category. Don't put 2 products about online dating on the same site.
answered Oct 14, 2013 by lubanolim (35,720 points)  
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