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How do FB ads work, and has using them proved profitable for you. Please be specific.

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Here's what's baffling, at least to me. Basically, I know it is similar to Adwords in that you set you daily and totat budget, based I assume on the keyword chosen. But, what if you have the User ID's of your intended targets. This means, you would not necessarily need a keyword. How would I calculate cost using this scenario. Thanks for any help. traq
asked Sep 7, 2013 in Facebook by jorgemv (280 points)  
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4 Answers

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For now I have quit trying to use FB ads. I have attempted except to "sponsor" some personal or non profit posts.

Whenever I've tried to do FB ads, I've run afoul of their ad guidelines.


Good question... I've seen the same types of ads and programs advertised all over the place on FB and cannot for the life of me understand why those ads were approved and mine were not.

So, for now, no such ads.

Upon reflection, I would be using a redirected link that was not obviously an affiliate link. That may have been part of the problem, but frankly they were so fickle and unhelpful, I'm not even sure that would have helped!

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answered Sep 7, 2013 by Info Guy (16,740 points)  
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I personally have only used FB advertising for FB pages or to promote posts, I don't do it for outside because I've heard the cpc is very high. On the other hand I remembered reading an excellent blog post on the topic with details and split testing so I looked it up for you:

It has a lot of excellent information, details and stats. Hopefully it'll help clear things up :-)




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answered Sep 7, 2013 by Pandita (6,740 points)  
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The most useful thing I have been able to do on Facebook is do a "Viral Link" campaign that was seen 682 times, got 28 "likes", 115 went directly to the landing page ("skips"), and got 32 people to join an autoresponder to identify people who wanted to make money online by writing articles.

This wasn't an FB ad which I've had no luck with.

If you want to PM me I'll show you the campaign. We're not supposed to post personal links in answers per FAQs.

I consider this type of avenue worth exploring for me and maybe especially for small local businesses if I were working with them.

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answered Sep 7, 2013 by Info Guy (16,740 points)  
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facebook ads target a specific audience and with this audience you can sell things the fan are interested in
answered Mar 24, 2014 by jobusiness97 (7,920 points)  
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