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Do you regularly check to see if your site is down? If so. which tools do you prefer?

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5,891 views asked Sep 8, 2013 in Miscellaneous by geekability (18,680 points)  
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6 Answers

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There is no need to if you have a good site and good hosting. In over 8 years a site going down for more than a minute or two has never happened for me.
answered Sep 8, 2013 by MarketingMagician (11,060 points)  
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I have just started to use a free service it seems to do the job

Free do follow back links for authors, leave reviews, articles, excerpts at

answered Sep 8, 2013 by ironmonger (2,050 points)  
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This site is ok. works well with me"

Good luck

answered Sep 8, 2013 by shawa (18,850 points)  
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I use  They offered a free option at but I don't know this is still available.

I disagree with the answer that you do not need to check on your site if you use a good host.

All hosts today use large servers with thousands of users on each server.  Once a server becomes full you can start to have problems with downtime, especially if a few users run scripts that hog the server resources.

You will seldom discover this happening unless you are online on your site all the time.  But if you have a service checking your site you will be notified within minutes of the site being unavailable.

I just had this problem with my name site.  It started returning 404s several times a day, for an hour or two at a time.  I notified the host about the problem and they stopped it.

They did not tell me what they did but I suspect they removed user scripts that were overusing server resources.

So in my opinion you should always use a monitoring service or buy monitoring software if you wish to do it yourself.
answered Sep 8, 2013 by ezgoing (2,800 points)  
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I have had CUSTOMERS concerned about uptime. To keep ahead of the game I registered their site on and invariably (because it's a solid host) they are back on line in a short time. I get annoyed by emails sometimes but it's better to know ahead of time if they call!

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answered Sep 10, 2013 by Info Guy (16,740 points)  
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I used a desktop software called "Website Monitor", but after I solved some of my performance issues it seemed useless. Of course, you can need it sometimes, but it's interesting only if you make one-time payment.

Another free solution is using Google Docs, as it's exhibited in Life Hacker:

answered Sep 13, 2013 by Christiano (49,030 points)  
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