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how can we place click bank text ads as widgets?

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I once used Clickbank Hop ads which created text ads as widgets, now I see almost all such plugins are paid plugins. Can anyone suggest a good plugin which places ads in the sidebar of the wordpress blog (free).
asked Sep 9, 2013 in Internet Marketing by nsrikanth3 (1,550 points)  
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I'd avoid free in this instance. The problem is that the text used in these ads is usually drawn from the vendors description and those words can often be wildly inappropriate - often being info about the afiliate offer. An ad that has its text info about the vendor's conversion rate or payout is not a great way to sell from your page.

We work with a company called CBproads these guys curate the ads themselves and ensure that the text ads are proper 'selly' content. You can set up the ads as widgets in a text widget and best of all you can select the criteria for the ads very closely to suit your site niche.

They offer three levels of service. First is 'free' no restrictions on use but they have a 50/50 split on clicks so that, effectively, they get half of all your sales. Use this level to mke sure the service works and is suitable for your site and business and then migrate to one of their paid services.

Secondly CBProads offer subscription packages for all their services which include what they call shop fronts, banner ads and many kinds of text and image style ads. Again you get 100% revenue

A lifetime package of the text ads with 100% of revenues costs around $20 or less depending upon your choices, with, of course 100% revenue to you.

We tried other services, paid and free, and this is the one we reccomend and use in our site builds.


answered Sep 9, 2013 by andrewwilson (9,160 points)  
Hey Andrew,

Great to see you here. It looks like they have removed the free ads at CBproads as I do not see the option to download the plugins anywhere. Would you suggest going for the widget ads or the entire ad widgets package. I understand having too many ads on your site can also have google ban your site.


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Hi m8! I just checked, as far as I can see the free accounts are still there (we set up our last one just a day or so ago) but the plugin tools are not part of the free level. We don't use those and you don't need to either.

You need the javascript code snippets (similar to AdSense) and just paste it into a text widget or if using one of our Automated Websites it can be pasted directly into the Ad Injection plugin in whichever 'in article' location you wish.

You certainly don't want too many ads on your site and in our designs we tend to follow similar principals to AdSense ie. a sidebar banner near to the top of the page and then one or two in article ads depending upon the length of the article.

I doubt Google would ban for too many ads but there have been issues with ads above the fold where there is little or no content visible, just page furniture and ads. We don't do that though!
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