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How do I Approach Niche PLR Content?

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I have approximately Niche 2000 PLR Articles. I cannot remember how I acquired them, and here is the question I can build a site on any of these niches with my own twists on header and footer banners, do I need to rewrite all the articles that comes with it. Some niches can have about 30 content pages. Please enlighten me here.
asked Aug 31, 2013 in Niches by checkin (370 points)  
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7 Answers

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If you want to rank for those sites, then yes I'd recommend you rewrite those articles. You also want to schedule them out over a period of time, rather than magically appearing with a full site overnight. You can also integrate related articles from article directories. So you can easily post a new article per day on each site for the next 60 days.
answered Aug 31, 2013 by techtamers (5,230 points)  
While rewriting articles better to add some extra points where ever possible..
thank u techtamer, sounds so much like hard wooorrrk! what choice do I have I asked for it, 2000 articles to rewrite? damn!.
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If you wanna use it in your money sites, I recommend combine two articles, rewrite and include images or youtube videos, so you'll have great articles to publish there!
answered Aug 31, 2013 by Christiano (49,030 points)  
Hi Christiano,

This seems to be the clearest and simplest idea and solution to approach the matter, it tames my greed, thank you.
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I'm not disagreeing with  techtamers - I just wanted to add some advice I once heard and didn't pay attention to! It almost cost me access to selling on Kindle (that's another story!)


The advice was to use the PLR you have to help you organize your thoughts, create the broad outline for your idea, but then personalize it (or have someone else do so) Or at least enough of it that your are offering fairly unique material instead of the same old formulaic clap trap. 


It helps if you're creating a site on a topic you have some familiarity with (or are willing to learn about or are willing to pay someone so that what you have is more likely to approximate "expert" content) 


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answered Aug 31, 2013 by Info Guy (16,740 points)  
Quote: ( The advice was to use the PLR you have to help you organize your thoughts )

My thoughts are so gibberish with the thought of rewriting these articles now I have aquired another 9000PRL articles, probably repeat of the same, I havent taken time to look at it.

The interesting fact is by airing my position in this forum helps me to breathe and actually laugh at the stupidity Ive got myself into, Ive taken up a big giant.
Well, most of the things I've learned have come as much from what I've done wrong as what i've done right!

Conquer Proven Google Niches and Kindle Niches with these insider tools! smiley

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You don't have to rewrite all of them, Google won't penalyze you if you have for example 50% of non-unique articles on your website.
answered Sep 1, 2013 by PureGreen (15,040 points)  
Thank you Daniel, Now that I have started rewriting these articles, theres a sense of satisfaction that the article somehow belongs to me, so Im led to believe. It also instilled a sense of confidence that I can actually rewrite it all myself, its just a matter of making time and motivation, so they say.
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I think the best way to use PLR articles is to rewrite them in your own words and add your own knowledge or opinion to personalize it and make it unique.
answered Sep 1, 2013 by CoolCat (7,730 points)  
Thank you CoolCat, I finally agree with you and with that method, its the approach Im taking, 3 keys for me..........knowledge.....opinion....personalise.........cheers
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Hi Checkin, First off welcome to the forum glad to have you with us.

Now onto your question.

When ever I get PLR of any type I always rewrite it to make it my own content. I think of PLR articles as a starting point for me when writting rather than starting with a blank screen, they help to give me inspiration to cover the niche topic at hand, and put my own spin on it.

Keep in mind, you don't always have to rewrite word for word, you can mix the paragraphs, and sentences around which might actually take less time than rewritting the whole entire article. Using them on WEB 2.0 properties with a link back to your money sites can also prove to be benefical.

I would also very much agree with  what techtamers pointed out about spreading posting this content out for several weeks, you could always put all the content onto the blog and just schedule the posts to be drip feed.

Hope my answer helps to give you more ideas on ways to use this content properly

answered Oct 16, 2013 by libby (23,340 points)  
Libby thank you so so much, I agree with you, you know the more I hear from others the easier and lighter the load and I can see clearly how to approach the subject, and I can actually rewrite it as if it is my own without recognition to the original. A good exercise to get the laziness out of me, thank you again.

your most welcome Tim, I am pleased to read that my answer was of help to you.
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How good is the quality of the plr articles? If they are really good, you can even compile them into an ebook with minimal changes to the articles. You can give the ebook away for free to build your list.

You can also turn those articles into videos and audios and submit them to the relevant sites to get more backlinks.
answered Oct 8, 2013 by lubanolim (35,720 points)  
The articles are well written, some 500 to 800 words, its the kind of work Id like to be written for me when Im paying for it, the articles are niche specific, Ive been referring to it a lot lately and the more I do so the more I get an idea how to use it and where and to start I will attempt to do something on, and thanks lubanolim for the ebook insight, cheers
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