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If I publish an e-book with Amazon can I sell it elsewhere too?

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Like could I sell it from clickbank or my personal blog? Or is there something in Amazons TOS for exclusive rights? Just curious.
asked Sep 13, 2013 in Ebooks by blackcat (19,040 points)  
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2 Answers

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It depends on which method you use to self-publish.

The default is you can publish there, and have the rights to publish anywhere else as well.

However, Amazon offers a different plan called KDP Select, and this requires you to lock-in to Amazon exclusively for 90 days. Then you are free to publish elsewhere.


KDP Select is an optional program for you to reach even more readers and gives you the opportunity to earn more money. By making your book exclusive to Kindle, required for the 90-day enrollment period in KDP Select, the book is eligible for the following:
The Kindle Owners’ Lending Library in the US, UK, Germany, France and Japan
Earn a share of the monthly global fund each time a Kindle reader borrows your book from the library
Free promotion for up to 5 days , during each 90-day enrollment period
70% royalty for sales to customers in Japan, Brazil and India
So, depending on what you want to do, and use Amazon's marketing muscle or not, you still retain all distribution rights after 90 days.
answered Sep 13, 2013 by Mattjdever (650 points)  
selected Sep 13, 2013 by blackcat
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You can sell it elsewhere if you do not have it in their Kindle Select program.
answered Sep 13, 2013 by geekability (18,680 points)  
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