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How do you promote affiliate products using facebook fanpages?

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What are the best possible methods for selling affiliate products using fanpages?
asked Sep 16, 2013 in Affiliate Marketing by anamel (12,110 points)  
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9 Answers

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Buy, use and review. Present with videos and offer with bonuses.

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answered Sep 25, 2013 by Cyberchoices (23,930 points)  
Buy, use and review. Present with videos and offer with bonuses. sounds good to me

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As you have just said, create a fan page for the particular niche you have in mind. Make sure you keep the page fresh and build links to them. Make sure you invite your friends to like it.

Place "Like Us On Facebook" buttons on sites which you control and make sure you include your fan page in the url.

answered Sep 16, 2013 by Buxykay (15,690 points)  
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It depends on how you want to sell it. If you use Facebook Ads to get friends/followers, so you can use more agressive tactics (including advertising, of course), but if you are using your websites to get people subscribed in your fanpages, so you should use same language used in your websites. If you offer great content in your website, it's obvious people wait to receive great content before any attempted sale.

I see many marketers focusing on get more and more people but forget to offer great content to fanpage fans, so they don't get to convert into sales.
answered Sep 18, 2013 by Christiano (49,030 points)  
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Best I don't know, but teaching about WHY a person may want your affiliate product is a good start. Craft a story to tell on those kinds of pages. Social sites are social. Friends tell friends real stories about the good prodcuts they have found. Leave the affiliate lead page to do the main selling.
answered Sep 29, 2013 by geekability (18,680 points)  
0 votes
Cyberchoices, even without the first two steps
answered Oct 1, 2013 by PureGreen (15,040 points)  
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Try to get them onto your list by offering a free gift. Then you can follow up with them using email marketing. Of course, make sure you offer value in your emails. Don't try to sell them something in every single one of your email.
answered Oct 17, 2013 by lubanolim (35,720 points)  
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Like other pages in your niche. Be active on those pages off and on. Like and share their posts ocassionally. This way you will get more fans. Also add your affiliate links in your page description, website and off and on in your posts. Don't bombard the page with your affiliate links, as it would be considered spamming. Simple.
answered Feb 13, 2014 by Frendz (7,530 points)  
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Making a catchy fan page for your affiliate niche. Joining and participating in other fan pages. Liking and tagging other users comments on these pages. This way you will get targeted visitors to your link and page.
answered Feb 13, 2014 by Frendz (7,530 points)  
0 votes
you will need to build a big fan base and promote products belong to the niche
answered Mar 30, 2014 by jobusiness97 (7,920 points)  
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