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What are the best and safe ways in getting traffic to Adsense site?

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I really need traffic to my Adsense site, but most of the services I have tried doesn't seem to boost my earning - I'm an outsourcer as I don't have enough time to do them by myself. Do I need to invest more or maybe you guys could suggest some briliant services for me to try out.
asked Sep 1, 2013 in Adsense by anamel (12,110 points)  
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For me, the best way to drive traffic to your adsense site, is from Search Engines. Another recommendation is from forums and Yahoo Answer.

11 Answers

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There are many ways to build traffic to your website. I can suggest the next big players:

1) Facebook where you can build a fan page and invite targeted fans to it.

2) YouTube (this one is my favorite) - create a video from an article, order some backlinks from Fiverr to it and watch the magic ;)

3) Niche related forums. Google for *your niche* +forum and register on the major forums from the first page. Do some useful postings, help people etc and then put a link to your signature.

Well, you can also use some software like senuke, scrapebox, xrumer etc but manual work is always better.
answered Sep 1, 2013 by PureGreen (15,040 points)  
Nice! Could you elaborate more on the Youtube method? Is it the article being read in the video or something else?

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Yeah, just read the article while powerpoint presentation with your text is playing. You can easily convert your presentation with Camtasia software.
Thanks a lot! I'll give this method a try.

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For a site you want to keep long lasting traffic is a must. Not quick fading black hat stuff. Now it seems hitting the first page of Google results are all many service providers are selling webmasters. The important thing to most businesses is getting hot, fresh leads. What will get the customer to pick you over the competition once you hit that first results page? If a person you hire is not even mentioning this, you might look elsewhere. A hint...YouTube gets more ready to buy visitors to a site than almost any other method now.
answered Sep 1, 2013 by geekability (18,680 points)  
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Write unique articles related directly to the topic of your site. Do i forget to tell you that you you should select your domain as exactly your keyword if possible.
answered Sep 1, 2013 by shawa (18,850 points)  
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I really don't think it matters if you are building Adsense sites.  You should treat them like any other site and work hard on the content just as you would other sites.  Get a good software like Article Builder and get some good content on there and start ranking.
answered Sep 2, 2013 by mattkaey (14,930 points)  
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Focus on Youtube for one day. Create some videos according to your website. Bookmark the video Url's and embed them on your site too. Videos ranks quick. Find some long tail keywords and work on them.
answered Sep 4, 2013 by hbhanot (1,070 points)  
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You need build a backlink profile diversified. I started to blog commenting for one of my websites and it brought some boost but, two weeks ago, it isn't bringing more boost - so I believe I need mix it with other techniques.
answered Sep 4, 2013 by Christiano (49,030 points)  
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You can also try to answer questions on the various Answer sites. If you provide a good answer, people will be interested to find out more about your site.
answered Oct 11, 2013 by lubanolim (35,720 points)  
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I think the safest traffic for an adsense niche site is from Search Engines because they are not syndicated and it is extremely relevant.
answered Jan 12, 2014 by rtrev (4,140 points)  
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Posting regular content on your site. Quality content I mean and then creating links for your blog on web 2.0s and facebook. The key is quality content, and 20 backlinks are enough for a blog to get it considered by the search engines. After that lots of unique, quality content is something that will help you with adsense.
answered Feb 13, 2014 by Frendz (7,530 points)  
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I think its with seo
answered Mar 27, 2014 by jobusiness97 (7,920 points)  
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I think the best and safe place to get traffic is seo
answered Mar 30, 2014 by jobusiness97 (7,920 points)  
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