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How do you make money from CPA offers?

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CPA seem easy on paper but I guess not many can't really make super income from it (or is it just me).
asked Sep 20, 2013 in CPA by anamel (12,110 points)  
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7 Answers

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It's probably not "just you"! I've had the same experience.

If you come at IM from the perspective of creating SEO content and hoping organic traffic will make you money from CPA I think you'll be disappointed.  In my experience CPA is a different game.

In that case you'd do better with Adsense or targeted affiliate offers.


Many of these offers have expiration dates. The sellers want traffic and sales now, not after Google gets around to indexing your site. By the time you are getting traffic, you may be getting an email that says "this offer is no longer available".

So it's really a matter of  1) what are the available offers and 2) how can I get a bunch of traffic fast to that link while it is still paying?

If you had a huge email or text message list of people requesting "daily deals" that might let you make a steady stream from them... or a you find a way to buy traffic to an offer somehow while remaiing profitable. I've "heard" of others doing that with youtube videos... but you know how you "hear" things in Internet Marketing! Maybe half truth and half selling their course!

I'd like to hear some other answers.

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answered Sep 20, 2013 by Info Guy (16,740 points)  
the thing is if you set up things right you dont have to worry about a cpa offer expiring.  You should be setting up your cpa offers in such a way that if the offer expires all you are doing is changing what your link goes to what cpa offer.  It's made my life simpler since I figured out how to do that!

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I really can relate to what Info Guy said with his reply. You really can not treat CPA offers like other Affiilate programs. From what I have researched on this topic many of those within this industry will use paid adds. However, with this method you can actually lose more than you gain with it.

What I tend to do is I try to blend in these types of offers with my other affiliate long term offers. Sometimes I will even put in links to things that a person can get for "FREE" by clicking the  CPA offer link. It does not make me rich, however, by blending them into my topic of discussion it comes across as natural, and giving them something for free, while at the same time I can do several things with that one vistor..

(1) hopefully get a subscriber to my list

(2) Provide them with other FREE-- CPA weekly offers

(3) Sell them some of my other affiliate products along the way

This means that I have a better chance than just hoping to convert a CPA offer like Info Guy said by the time traffic gets to it the offer might already be gone.

That is what I would do to try to earn money with CPA offers, and still stay within my tight budget for advertising expenses.

I hope my answer helps you further with the question you have asked.

I look forward as well to hopefully getting some more tips on how to effectively accomplish this task.


answered Sep 20, 2013 by libby (23,340 points)  
edited Sep 21, 2013 by libby
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As InfoGuy has said if yoi use SEO for organic traffic it is slow and tedious to do. You can use PPC if you want more targetted traffic but may be expensive depending on the niche.

There is also mailing list offers that may target a specific group of people.
answered Sep 21, 2013 by Buxykay (15,690 points)  
+1 vote
Use simple formula. youtube wideos with low competition keywords in title + dozens backlinks to it and cpa offer link in the description. voila!
answered Sep 30, 2013 by PureGreen (15,040 points)  
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Just like anything, it takes focus. In other words, you cannot afford to jump from method to method.

From what I know, some of the best CPA marketers take at least 6 months to a year of consistent focused effort to get good at CPA.
answered Oct 17, 2013 by lubanolim (35,720 points)  
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Cpa marketing is even easier than affiliate marketing because the person that you refer to the offer doesnt have to buy anything. The real question is what is the quality of traffic that you are sending to your cpa offers?  Its the quality of the traffic that will determine your success!  I make money almost daily from affiliate offers because I am sending quality traffic to those offers.

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answered Feb 17, 2014 by snginc (1,570 points)  
0 votes
every time someone give their email or give their zip code for example u get paid
answered Mar 24, 2014 by jobusiness97 (7,920 points)  
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