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Which is better keyword research tool and why?

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Which is better keyword research tool; Wordtracker, Market Samurai, Long Tail Pro or Traffic Travis and why?
asked Sep 20, 2013 in Search Engine Optimization by Bittukishu (840 points)  
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11 Answers

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I just watched a video on KeywordCanine since I am planing to get it. I think you should check it out too. It is amazing! I have used and still using a number of keyword research tools but have not seen anything like that. I think I will get it since I have acquired enough point for it.
answered Sep 20, 2013 by Buxykay (15,690 points)  
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I have used Traffic Travis but it can be very limited using the free version. Market Samurai seems to be a decent one for the free version to use, but can sometimes give out misleading KW phrases when I dug deeper on some niches.

I have not tried Long Tail Pro so I can not give an honest answer for that software. Nor have I tried out Wordtracker.

Jon does have a product like Buxykay mentioned with his answer, and I second that motion that you should watch the video  to see how it works. There is also a trial version for $7.00, so you can actually test it against what the video says it can provide for keyword research possibilites.

Welcome to the forum and I look forward to seeing more interesting questions that I can try to help you with.

I hope my answer helps to answer your question further

answered Sep 20, 2013 by libby (23,340 points)  
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I normally use google keyword planner for basic keyword research before going for details with traffic travis and seo quake. I don't really use expensive tools for this part. The reason is that I think all the keywords are originally coming from google so I wouldn't have to spent on these paid tools. cool

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answered Sep 20, 2013 by anamel (12,110 points)  
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I also use google keyword planner.There are lots of good solutions but many of them cost a lot and don't offer much more than keyword planner.
answered Sep 20, 2013 by johnboyhayes (14,220 points)  
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Google tools and also seems to be keyword cannine, i didn't have the last one but see video revealed it's ok for the purpose.

Good luck
answered Sep 21, 2013 by shawa (18,850 points)  
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The best tool is your brain :-)

Also I use Google tools, because they provide relatively precise data.

First - brainstorm possible keywords without any tools.

Second - expand your list with Google tools.
answered Sep 21, 2013 by customs (620 points)  
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If you wanna do it totally free:

  • Google Keyword Planner to identify profitable niches;
  • Google Search to analyse competition;
  • Google Suggest / Complete to find longtail keywords.

And, if you wanna do it using paid tools, you can use any of those tools (including Micro Niche Finder in that list), but judging Keyword Canine videos, KC can be unbeatable.

answered Sep 21, 2013 by Christiano (49,030 points)  
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Most KW tools have different aspects to them not exactly common to others. Even if the tools acomplish the same task people have different tastes so one may prefer one to the other. Having tried all mentioned I kinda like long tail pro for its speed and ease of use.
answered Sep 23, 2013 by Homebizipedia (5,630 points)  
0 votes
yeah keywordcanine is the best. number two is ultimate niche finder. visit their sites and check out the features.
answered Sep 30, 2013 by PureGreen (15,040 points)  
0 votes
I've only ever used Market Samurai, it does everything I need and more. I'd quite like to try JL's Keyword Snatcher though, will ahve to trade some points for it when I get enough.

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answered Oct 6, 2013 by (10,820 points)  
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I have used the free version/trial of Traffic Travis, Market Samurai and Wordtracker in the past.

Traffic Travis and Market Samurai get their results from Google. They just help to make the research process faster and will also help you analyze the competition. Of course, Traffic Travis and Market Samurai have other functions. But I am more interested in the keyword research and competition function.

Using Wordtracker, you can get keywords that you can't find using Market Samurai and Traffic Travis. So it is a keyword tool worth trying as well.

Since these keyword tools come with a free trial/version, why not try them out for yourself?

I have never used Long Tail Pro before, so no comments.
answered Oct 17, 2013 by lubanolim (35,720 points)  
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