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Does it matter what domain name I pick?

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And what is the best to choose .com or what and why?
asked Sep 1, 2013 in Internet Marketing by aesom (2,560 points)  
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9 Answers

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it does not make much difference when it comes to SEO these days but it does make a difference to the user. 

Making your domain name easy to spell and read. So, try to avoid double letters.. Like or 

exact match domains do help users recognise what you are selling and promoting so is good. 

answered Sep 1, 2013 by lloydh (1,430 points)  
Select your domain exactly as your main keyword if possible.
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Important question and yes It sure does matter.  Your domain should consist of simple common words (generic), 2 or 3 words if possible, exact match domain names (best option if possible), made of keywords that would answer a searchers request.  A domain name should always be easy for searchers to understand and hopefully state what your solution is to their particular search (problem).  Your domain name, if it contains the above elements, should get a searcher to click on your site, thus bring them to your sales page.  It's the first thing your searcher see's and if it has these elements, the searcher clicks and progresses to your sales page for further solution to their problem.  But, it all starts with your domain name.  I also suggest Top Level Domain (TLD's) extensions only.  This means to the right of the dot. Always try for .com first.  If not available, .net or .org would be your next best options.  Good luck.


answered Sep 1, 2013 by massmaninfl (1,280 points)  
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I just answered your question but I missed the part about .com and why.

There is no question that .com is the best extension possible.  It is the most valuable basically because it was the first and has a great trust factor perception.  Probably the main reason it's the best is when people are doing a browers seach (meaning typed in with no spaces) example, well over 90% of those searchers, when they don't know the extension or can't remember it, will automatically type in .COM.  Many, many people don't even know that .net and .org. even exist.  Remember, your domain is virtual real estate and .COM is and has always been the most valuable extension.  And it certainly can and will grow in value.  It is an asset.

answered Sep 1, 2013 by massmaninfl (1,280 points)  
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I was always taught to go for .com because they rank better but I have not really seen much difference, .net and .org rank just as well. But like someone said, .com is easier for visitors to remember.
answered Sep 1, 2013 by CoolCat (7,730 points)  
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Yes it does.  It should represent your business with the two or three keywords that best describe it.  Don't forget you can point more than one url at a site.

Think carefully about the country you are targeting and ensure your spellings match what they are used to.  Even in English we have variations between countries.
answered Sep 1, 2013 by MarketingMagician (11,060 points)  
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It used to matter alot more before than it does now, but yes, it's still matters.  It's one of those situations when you might as well choose the best one you can, right?  However, if you create lots of good content google will still love you for it, no matter what your name is.  There's tons of examples of that being the case.
answered Sep 3, 2013 by mattkaey (14,930 points)  
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Choosing the perfect domain name is crucial to the survival of your website no matter what type of site you want to build.So try get a good domain .To choose a good domain name follow the steps given below,
1.Domain name must be short
2.Try to avoid too many '_' symbol in your domain name.
3.Get the domain name that related to your business or product or organization
4.If you want to get the domain extension .com and that is not available means try to register the new domain with other extension like .org, .info, .edu, etc .

Also get the domain registration from a good registar like

The best domain name extension is ".com" .There are several reasons why internet users prefer to buy .com domains.  As per reports, most visitors would point their browsers to a .com extension by default. This is an expectation that has been created by virtue of its popularity. So even if a person knows the domain but not extension, he will mostly try with .com first. A common perception is that the .com domain seems more professional and relevant than others.  The world’s leading information search engine, Google, gives a high priority to the .com extension in a domain name. Individuals or companies who buy domain name with .com extension are likely to get best results through the process of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Individuals can increase rankings of their websites among top search engines, such as Bing, Google and Yelp, amid others, which will probably facilitate them to make their portals sounder on internet. SEO professionals are aware of the fact that .com domain name extension is most commonly searched by the internet users.

answered Sep 5, 2013 by roshan123 (140 points)  
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Yes, especially if you are going after branding. As far as SEO is concerned, exact matched domain is still beneficial.

For branding purposes, you definitely want to go after .com. This is because some people will type in the url in the url bar. They will usually type "". If you are not using a .com domain, they may not be able to find you.
answered Oct 8, 2013 by lubanolim (35,720 points)  
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Of course it matters a lot. Whatever domain you are going to pick must be relevant to your website subject. For example .com domain is irrelevant for any NGO site as well .org domain is not appropriate for a profitable business site. One must chose a domain that is most appropriate for his website because it hints a visitor about subject or content of the site. At present several domains are available on internet launched by ICANN specific for each business field as .photography, .deal, .finance etc as you can see at
answered Jan 9, 2015 by greggbyrd (140 points)  
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