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Amazing Selling Machine or Proven Amazon Course?

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Many here will have been inundated with emails about the "Amazing Selling Machine", an 8-week online course that's supposed to teach you how to sell white-label products on Amazon (from anywhere in the world) and have them shipped by Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). The course is very expensive at about $4,000; plus you need $600-$1500 startup capital to buy inventory and other business stuff.

Q1: Anyone here buy into this course when it originally lainched back in March and, if so, what did you think of it? Was it worth the money? The 30-day refund period looks too short to be able to assess if this course will be worth the expense.

There's also Jum Cockrum's Proven Amazon Course which sells for $347 - a tenth of the price. It seems to cover similar topics but without all the hoopla surrounding the Amazing Selling Machine launch.

Q2: Anyone here used this course and, if so, what did you think of it? Was anything important missing?

Q3: Anyone used both courses and can you say which one is best value?
asked Oct 10, 2013 in Internet Marketing by nightwatch (1,440 points)  
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4 Answers

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Q1: Anyone here buy into this course when it originally lainched back in March

I first joined in December 2012. it was a webinar special offer for $997 back then,and if I remember correctly, there was an upsell for accessing the members forum at $497, which I did not take. Looking inside I honestly did not think to be able to fully set up the business as it is required at that time. This was MY personal business decision, not a fault of the product. Therefore I got out again, and asked for refund within 30 days.

Q2: Anyone here used this course and, if so, what did you think of it? Was anything important missing?
The course back then was extemely well laid out. Extremely detailled but at same put in very short actionalbe videos. Aboslutelly no filler content, no fluff, a real learn-apply, learn-apply practical do-this do-that instruction.yes
So I don't know about the current course, I can imagine it only became better, with more content.

I think it is worth the price, but will keep many people away who cannot afford it

enlightenedHere is my advice: ONLY buy this course, if you really, fully and absolutely want to build up an amazon business, and nothing else. It is a big beast, it is a serious full business - It is not just a little amazon-affilate-side-income training. I think the one who works this with full dedication, as if there is nothing else (because there should be only this on your mind when you want to launch it as your business), will have success.

This cours really is not for just an "additional income" aside your other ineternet thnigs. It is a beast. A full blown business, that will require your time. At the beginning anyway.

surpriseBe prepared to even pick up the phone, contact some vendors, instruct outsourcers - because it will be required! I am not saying you will stick on the phone all day. I am saying it is a business you will have to take care, lead, control and follow, especially in the beginning with FULL DEDICATION. And then I think it will work.

(Why did I not stick to it? Exactly because of the above - I had my various blogs and niche affiliate stuff online at that time. I was looking for a more sustaniable business instead of tons of niches, and that turned me to testing out this amazon business idea. But back then I was not ready to stomp down everything else, especially because I am so SEO-oriented, love blogs etc. and I could not imagine letting go of that. It was a deliberate business direction decision for me to realize, that I am too passionate about my blogs etc. as to now become a tengible goods vendor. It just did not feel as fully resonating with me. And instead entered another business setup which relates to business online and coaching. That was more my thing).


I think that people who actually don't have much running online yet, might even be better candidates for the Amazon Machine, because you kind of start from freshly, with a clean mind and dedicate yourself to THAT opportunity.

If you can afford it, and commit to this being your business for the next years - then it is for you.

Personally I also could not see myself really finding all the white label vendors that fast. Therefore keep in mind:enlightenedBe prepared to have some investment cash for buying products, and be prepared to MAYBE have to go through some trial and error testing out which products actually convert for you on amazon.

Basically you need to find a good niche, something easy to rank for on amazon, much like the Google-Search game, but on amazon and with specific amazon ranking rules, which Matt Clark trains you to understand. Like the "SEM of amazon"...

Be prepared, that you may fail to rank high and will have to restart a test run with another product.

Know that re-selling is easier, but purchasing white label products and sell under your brand makes products more unique and reduces your competition - but this method requires more capital to play with!

I just want to make clear, that it may take some time until you find a well converting product. And I just want to make you feel prepared that this can mean low profits at first, while at same you need investment money for the cours AND products. Just so you know this is far from a get rich, especially if you are new to amazon selling.

It will not happen that you spend $5k for the course and products and earn the next month, although it CAN happen.
I think for most people there will be a learning curve and with experience comes the cash. Much like learning SEO/blogging/traffic etc.

If you have a job, stick to it, and build this business aside.
If you have money AND time - go for it, and stick to it!

For me, I was too dedicated to classical "digital product marketing" and so I realized this is a totally different beast I was not passionate enough about. This is why I did not proceed with it.

Like said, the course content in December 2012 was extremely detailled. If I had stayed in the training program, I would definitely have purchased the members forum access as well, because there info and support can be exchanged.
And so, probably this new course release may be even better, fuller, an expanded version. Just my guessing.

Q3: Anyone used both courses and can you say which one is best value?
I tried to compare by researching  Jum Cockrum's Proven Amazon Course back then last year. I cannot tell for sure, how much Jum Cockrum goes into same detail as Matt Clark's Amazon Machine. But Matt Clark definitely goes very much into practical detail.






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answered Oct 10, 2013 by smartbiz (3,100 points)  
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It IS very expensive. I did see some of Matt's earlier stuff and I think you could learn a lot of the same things by visiting related forums for a while and poking around Amazon's site. They do give a lot of info there about all of their services. They just don't make it that easy to find. Amazon fulfillment isn't that different from any dropshipper business. Chris Malta's Worldwide group gives some outstanding info as well as sources for suppliers that leave good profit margins for a lot less money. He doesn't do the big splash launches the marketers behind this latest launch do. And I love those guys! Have bought a lot of good info from many of them. I think Ryan Deiss is offering up an iPad to go through his link. LOL
answered Oct 10, 2013 by geekability (18,680 points)  
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Sorry that I will not answer directly your Qs. Just wanna give my opinions.

I think this IS NOT for everyone. It seems to be a REAL BUSINESS INVESTMENT (like a brick and mortage business) unless you can work online to build this.

If you have some investment capital and time and are looking to start a business, this SURE IS one of the best options to consider. If not, leave it for the future.

"We Will Become What We Think About"

answered Oct 14, 2013 by Blue Spring (8,310 points)  
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I have not used either of these courses.

However, please allow me to share some tips on my approach in which might help you to better spend your hard earn cash more wisely and to invest into your own business start up.

I would start out by doing my own research on Amazon, and locating as much of the information I needed for free on how to sell items in their store front. I would then take my cash, and invest into my own inventory, either buying in bulk, or using wholesalers that I could purchase my products from once I actually had customers that wanted to purchase them. I would take my time and also create a domain name for my own store. With some of these funds I would purchase myself a SSL certificate, and shopping cart script, and set up my own storefront website.

These are some of the investments that you could use that $4,000.00 on, and also have a starting advertising budget to drive buyers to your products. This approach can actually help you to start regaining some of your intial investment cash while still learning some of the extra steps along the way.

Once I saw the revenue coming in from my intial investment, I then might consider purchasing the 2nd option you had mentioned: Jum Cockrum's Proven Amazon Course which sells for $347, I would only do this purchase, if I was not able to locate all that I needed information wise to set things up on my own for selling, and promoting either my own products on Amazon, or becoming a super affiliate marketer of amazon products.

I hope my answer helps some with the question. Best of luck to you no matter what choice you make on these 2 courses and your own business.

answered Oct 19, 2013 by libby (23,340 points)  
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