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Is it possible to group items to sell together in as an Amazon affiliate?

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Another possibly odd question for those of you who are seasoned Amazon affiliates. Is it possible create a virtual kit or an "add all to cart".

For example, lets say my site is about halloween costumes.On my site I feature several items that I recommend for a look, Marylin Monroe lets say (to be super cliche): a wig, right color lipstic, foe mole, dress, shoes, etc.

Is it possible for me to create a virtual group that the user can choose to purchase all the items with one click?

If not, wouldn't that be an awesome tool for someone to create!:-D

asked Oct 19, 2013 in Affiliate Marketing by Pandita (6,740 points)  
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3 Answers

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While I've never done this, apparently it can be done.

This site ( shows example code.

Here is the official Amazon 'Add to Cart' information ( While this doesn't show adding multilple items at once, it does show that the info in the site listed above could be correct.

Test it and see.

answered Oct 19, 2013 by BigShell (1,500 points)  
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yes u can creat widget or a astore
answered Mar 27, 2014 by jobusiness97 (7,920 points)  
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This is a great suggestion. I did not  realize there was a widget for it. I will surely start implementing this within my affiliate sites for sure, especially with the Christmas season upon us, great time to start.
answered Dec 14, 2014 by libby (23,340 points)  
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