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How Do You Cope With Google Blocking Referring Keywords

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I have been using a free account on a statistics gathering membership site for over five years. Their statistics have helped in many ways. They display how visitors come to your site, what search engine they used, the search querry, length of time spent, IP addresses, how many times an IP, the pages a visitor visited etc.

I have benefited when I see the keywords a user typed and in what position in Google I then go and improve my SERPS for that keyword or phrase. Also if I made a conversion, some affiliate networks include the IP address of the buyer. Now you see how important those statistics are.

Lately I noticed that Google searches are not displaying the way they used to do instead they display encripted. This makes it difficult to track the keywords.

I came to realize that Google has been blocking search querries.

Has anybody noticed such things and are there any alternative?
asked Oct 19, 2013 in Search Engine Optimization by Buxykay (15,690 points)  
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4 Answers

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It is probably not a bad thing after all. Somehow, this forces you to understand more about the people in the niche you are serving.

Let's put it this way. If you really understand the people in your niche, you will know what they want. You will know what questions they are asking all the time. As a result, you will know how to answer their questions. You will know what problems they are facing all the time. As a result, you will know what solutions to provide for them.

When you know your audience really well, you will not be so reliant on the indivdual keywords to help you make the sale. You will know how to connect with them better, which is a good thing in the long run. This is definitely much better than just running a keyword based website.
answered Oct 20, 2013 by lubanolim (35,720 points)  
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It's all the buzz in the web design world that Google has switched to encrypting all keywords, and silently added hashtags to the search options.

I'm not sure what the reasoning is, but it will have a massive impact on the online marketing world, keyword research and tracking traffic. It's a massive blow. 


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answered Oct 19, 2013 by Pandita (6,740 points)  
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I hadn't noticed much of that yet on my sites. I don't see how it would be possible to get past Google's gates they are putting up, but at least the other main search engines are gaining ground with users. As the article says in the link Pandita provided, it may just get things moving back towards good content to get visitors. I also agree with that article's premise that Google is trying to get folks into a more interactive search experience. Not sure how it will shake out yet, or what to do about it. Oddly enough, I don't stay too fixated on the keywrods users use to get to my sites other than as a curiousity because there are often some bizarre ones listed in the logs that appear nowhere on my pages or in my code.
answered Oct 20, 2013 by geekability (18,680 points)  
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I have to agree with lubanolim. Probably, it's an attempt of Google to force us to focus on people needs and not on keywords.

In the long run, it won't be good for SEO experts, but it will be great opportunity for Marketing experts, because Marketing isn't restricted to SERPs.
answered Oct 23, 2013 by Christiano (49,030 points)  
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