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Christmas fun time. Who's the best affiliate marketer on the forum?

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Christmas fun time. Who's the best affiliate marketer on the forum?

I've posted or commented a couple of times on this forum about being a competitor and having a "can do" winning attitude. The last post showed there are a few that like a challenge. So it's action time. Let's see who really is the best affiliate marketer on the forum! Are you up for the challenge or just talk?

Considering there are currently only 879 members on this forum and most probably won't take action, it does mean one thing:

If you take up my challenge you have a really good chance of winning! Think about that for a minute.

The challenge

To sell the most affiliate products from my range of products on these pages:


Note: They don't all have to be the same product. So 12 sales of product A and 26 sales of product B will count as 38 sales.

The prizes

I wish I could offer a lamborghini, but hey it's a modest competition so a modest prize is appropriate! :-)

  • The one who makes the most sales will get $100 cash into their PayPal account
  • The second highest sales will get $50 cash into their PayPal account
  • Anyone who makes over 8 sales will get to pick 3 products for themselves (including the 1st and 2nd place winners)
  • Anyone who makes over 5 sales will get to pick 2 products for themselves
  • The one to make the first sale will get to pick 1 product for themselves

The Rules

1. The competition runs from NOW through to midnight Nov 30th 2013 New Zealand time. So you have plenty of time to plan, strategize and take ACTION!
2. To win first prize sales must exceed 12 sales and the 2nd prize sales must exceed 6 sales
3. Each competitor gets to keep the 50% affiliate commission from his own sales.
4. You cannot use your affiliate links for personal purchases or you will be disqualified from the competition. However any personal purchases from the main non-affiliate sites WILL count towards your total. Just PM me your jlforum ID and Palpal Transaction No.
5. Emailing me (see 4 below) your generated affiliate ID, your Paypal email address and your jlforum ID is your entry into the competition. Failure to do so means you are not entered for this competition until you do.
6. In the event of a tie, the first person to achieve the position wins.
7. The cash prizes will be sent on or before Decmber 4th. The software prize winners will be notified on or before December 4th and will be sent within 3 working days of receiving your prize selection.

How to Start

1. Browse the pages on the links above and select a product/s you'd like to promote
2. Go to any of the Affiliate Tools link at the bottom of the sales pages for your selected product/s and enter your Paypal email address. You will then be prompted to register.
3. You only need to sign up once to any product, and then you can use the same ID No (which will be provided) for all the products.
4. Email me your generated affiliate ID, your Paypal address and your jlforum ID. This is so I track your sales for this competition outside of the normal affiliate tracking software.
5. Use your affiliate links to promote. There are banners and swipe emails etc in the members area or you can create you own.

Good luck and may the best affiliate marketer win!


asked Oct 20, 2013 in Affiliate Marketing by Cyberchoices (23,930 points)  
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1 Answer

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These product links are gebertaing the follwing message:

Error establishing a database connection

answered Nov 3, 2013 by bhinerdeer (1,540 points)  
Apologies my site is down for some unknown reason. I've alerted Hostgator support. Will have it back up ASAP. Ray

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