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Do you ping your backlinks? If so, what service do you use & do you think it makes a difference?

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Question says it all. I'm curious as to wether you ping your backlinks to get them indexed quicker, and if you do what service/website/program you use?

The second part of the question is wether you notice it makes a difference in ranking time?
asked Oct 22, 2013 in Search Engine Optimization by Pandita (6,740 points)  
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5 Answers

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If you're doing something like tiered link building then it's a good idea to ping your backlinks. However, if you're building links on quality sites with unique content then they will be ndexed naturally no problem in most cases. allow you to schedule 2500 linsk to be indexed daily for free, that's who I use to use for my tiered link building links in the past.

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answered Oct 22, 2013 by (10,820 points)  
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I don't really ping my backlinks. I use indexing service instead, such as Backlinks Indexer. Yes, from my own results, it does make a difference in ranking time.
answered Oct 22, 2013 by lubanolim (35,720 points)  
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I wanna add that you should only ping your Tier 1 and Tier 2 backlinks, not the money site itself.  The reason for this is looking natural in the eye of Google.

Yes. you can use the service called Backlink Indexer (recommended by lubanolim above) and it will make a difference.

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answered Oct 23, 2013 by Blue Spring (8,310 points)  
+1 vote
You can ping your backlinks, but it won't guarantee they will be indexed.

I was checking about some paid indexation services and some guys offer Fiverr gigs using them - and I was thinking to use them. But now, after saying lets you schedule 2500 links daily free, well, I really need test it!
answered Oct 23, 2013 by Christiano (49,030 points)  
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I have a plugin for wordpress which collects pingbacks to my sites. I take these links, go to other blogs of mine and use another plugin that automatically pings the links and removes each link as soon as it is indexed.

Furthermore, I use a service to submit the links to social bookmarking sites then create rss feeds and submit to rss feed dirctories.

It needs a bit of work but it is really helpful.
answered Nov 29, 2013 by Buxykay (15,690 points)  
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