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Best way to use 2nd domain which is a EMD

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Hello all,

I have a real life scenerio I am wondering if anyone can comment on the best way to do this based on your experience.  I have a customer that repairs mostly computers and printers.  He recently started repairing cell phones.  Keyword research shows that the term "cell phone reapir lancaster pa" gets searched on about 100 times a month.  I know this is not huge, but lancaster is a small city and I figure if he can rank one or two for that search term it could really boost his cell repair business.

So I purchased the domain -

Question is, which is the better way to use this domain:

1 - Do a 301 re-direct to his current site and add cell phone repair content there.

2 - Build a landing page specific to cell phone repair for him and use that domain for the landing page.  Landing page could have all contact info. and maps etc plus a link to his current site as well if necessary.

thank you!

asked Nov 3, 2013 in Search Engine Optimization by bhinerdeer (1,540 points)  
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2 Answers

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I will go for option 2.

As you mentioned, it is a new domain. No point doing a 301 redirect for a brand new domain name unless you are using it as a buffer site.

Also, I don't think there will be many people typing in "" directly into their browser in order to be redirected to your client's site. Most of them will probably type in "cell phone repair lan caster pa" instead.

So it is better to get the domain ranked. Also, if it is a low competition keyword, no one is stopping you to get 2 first page listings. You can ranked both the new domain as well as your client's original site for "cell phone repair lan caster pa".
answered Nov 3, 2013 by lubanolim (35,720 points)  
thanks lubanolim - makes sense what you are saying.
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I think the second idea is the best option to do it. As people don't need to go somewhere else and think that your spamming.
answered Jan 30, 2014 by rtrev (4,140 points)  
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