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What is your IM damage up to date? (in terms of $) [poll]

0 votes
For me, it is nearly 5000 USD from Feb-2011.

What's yours and how do you manage to stop this?
< 100 USD (1 vote, 25%)
100 USD - 500 USD (1 vote, 25%)
500 USD - 1000 USD (0 votes)
< 1000 USD (2 votes, 50%)
asked Nov 7, 2013 in Miscellaneous by Blue Spring (8,310 points)  
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4 Answers

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Best answer
The dollar amount is not really relevant, the profit is though.

One thing that is worth noting about costs is this: the cost of entry to IM is no lnger trivial.

When I started out I started paying around $300 per month for training and some tools. best money I ever spent.  The guys behind the package used to reckon that one did not need to spend money on anything else other than domains and hosting and, at the time they were correct. These days, not so much.

These days, if one is going to efficiently build an IM business the exenditures would I expect, be significantly higher. For example, I spend around $270 per month on hosting, $200 on research tools, around $20 for graphic production tools and several hundred on content and content licensing. That lot supports just one part of the business. However thaat expenditure generates the revenues upon which I live and, compared to the costs of running a bricks and mortar biz are tiny.
answered Nov 17, 2013 by andrewwilson (9,160 points)  
selected Nov 21, 2013 by Blue Spring
0 votes
My English isn't so good, so I'm not understanding your question. :-(

Please, can you rewrite it (in a comment), then I'll understand and answer it?
answered Nov 8, 2013 by Christiano (49,030 points)  
Sorry for my tricky question. What I mean is the total cost/ spending for your IM business so far.

"We Will Become What We Think About"

Oh, thanks. well, I'm not sure, let me think... Well, if I include outsourcing, hosting, domain registration, tools, copyscape & deathbycaptcha expenses, "shiny objetcts" etc. In 2012 and 2013, I've spent around $ 4.5K.
0 votes
I've been in IM for around 7 years now so couldn't select an option on your poll, thankfully I've made a tad over $1,000 in that time

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answered Nov 15, 2013 by (10,820 points)  
0 votes
I have spent a lot more than you. But that was many years ago.

Now, I no longer spend so much.

I guess this is called the "shiny object syndrome". So I suppose you are asking how to cure "shiny object syndrome".

Well, before you buy another information product, you might want to ask yourself a question, "Have I implemented what I have learned in the last information product that I bought?"

If the answer is no, then you should not go ahead with the current purchase.

Basically, you need to implement a rule for yourself to follow with regards to your purchases and never break your own rule.
answered Nov 17, 2013 by lubanolim (35,720 points)  
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