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What's the solution if traffic to your site is mostly from mobile and tablet?

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305 views asked Nov 12, 2013 in Miscellaneous by Blue Spring (8,310 points)  
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There are three classical solutions in this case:

  • a responsive design site

This is when the website's content and layout changes depending on what machine it's accessed from. The content of the site remains the same, and you still have the same URL, but mobile and desktop users see slightly different versions of your content. For example, the size of the page's sections may be different, or the sections may be re-arranged. Also, some information may be missing when the mobile user accesses it.

  • a separate mobile site 

This is when you have two URLs: one for mobile users and one for desktop users. Usually visitors are redirected based on their user agent/browser. The advantage of this option is that you can make the mobile version completely different form your desktop one, with different content if you'd like. The disadvantage is, however, that you'd need to maintain 2 sites separately, which is double the effort in most situations.

  • a mobile app (however, most small to mid-size businesses can't really afford it)

As a rule, mobile apps provide a better and richer mobile user experience, but the cost of building and maintaining one is often high. Besides, you'd need a different apps for each new platform.

OK, it's impossible to explain all the intricacies of each approach in a short post, but you can find tutorials on Google. 

It's also generally believed that mobile users have slightly different needs than desktop users. Most likely they'd like to know your business hours or location. So, one of the best practices is to provide this information first thing on a mobile site. 

Other best practices include making clickable buttons larger than on a desktop site, minimizing scrolling, removing large images that are not that important to complete the site's goal, etc. 


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answered Nov 14, 2013 by LinkAssistant (2,060 points)  
selected Nov 16, 2013 by Blue Spring
Thanks for your answer. How's about the monetization if your site is an affiliate site? because when they surf on mobiles or tablets, they less likely click aff. link.

"We Will Become What We Think About"

It depends. Tablets have rather large screens and a tablet user is just as likely to click on an affiliate link as a desktop user.

As for smartphone users, there may be some issues here (also depending on one's device), but perhaps you could use image links along with text links to drive more clicks from mobile?

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What's your problem?
answered Nov 13, 2013 by andrewwilson (9,160 points)  
it's clearly stated in the question. ;)

"We Will Become What We Think About"

No it ain't. What is the problem you want to address? Traffic, monetisation, content, design and even purpose.

What solution do you seek?
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