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Do you know any book on psychological marketing?

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I'm looking for some books on the topic to learn about psychology in marketing, especially in the subject of online marketing, where we have to use a lot of wording to pursuade people.
asked Nov 25, 2013 in Internet Marketing by Blue Spring (8,310 points)  
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Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins is one of my favourite books for getting an insight in to how people think when they are presented your adverts. He wrote this book decades ago but a lot of it is still applicable today.

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answered Nov 26, 2013 by (10,820 points)  
selected Dec 2, 2013 by Blue Spring
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I would recommend Influence The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini.

Although it is not a book specifically on the topic of online marketing, it will definitely help.

This is because marketing is marketing, whether you do it online or offline. So it is about how you are going to apply the concepts in the book to your online marketing.
answered Nov 25, 2013 by lubanolim (35,720 points)  
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You need study about Consumer Behaviour. It's exactly what you are looking for.

answered Nov 28, 2013 by Christiano (49,030 points)  
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