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What's the most profitable gig to offer on Fiverr?

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I mean the service has the highest profit and can be done fast.
asked Nov 27, 2013 in Internet Marketing by Blue Spring (8,310 points)  
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I think the most profitable Gig on Fiverr that can be done fast is by selling Digital Product Package. I have a friend who just recently joined Fiverr selling some of his Digital Products. And in just a week, he got 80+ orders. That's awesome isn't it?

Another most profitable gig that can be done fast is driving likes to your clients fanpage using a software.

In my case, I used to build WordPress and install those necessary plugins and requested themes.

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For Fiverr you need to do some research for what kind of things you are good at and then look at the gigs that are doing something similar and try to offer something better then they are to get sales.  At first you want enough sales to get you to the first level so you can start adding extras to your gigs as this is where the profit is. Once you get your level 1 work hard to get your level 2 because then you are allowed to provide many extras.  But first and foremost make sure you deliver so you get a high satisfaction rating, because without it that you will not make sales.  Once your reach the first and second levels you then start to make money, is it enough to live on, I guess it depends on many factors.

You can also promote what you do on fiverr on forums etc to get even more business.
answered Nov 28, 2013 by DC9875 (1,080 points)  
selected Dec 2, 2013 by Blue Spring
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IMHO, gigs related to content creation, like article writing / rewriting / spinning.

As example, I'm needing someone to rewrite each sentence in articles three times and give me back it in spintax. But I intend to hire someone from , because ODesk writers look like more committed than Fiverr writers.
answered Nov 28, 2013 by Christiano (49,030 points)  
Oh, I didn't recommend linkbuilding services because there are many people offering such services with bad tools, so many buyers have some fear to purchase such services. :-(
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It depends on your skillset.

For example, If you are good in making videos and enjoy speaking in front of a camera, you can offer a one to two minute video gig. Let say you can make 5 such videos in an hour, you can make $20 per hour.

As mentioned, it is all about your skillset. One thing you can do is to simpy browse the fiverr marketplace. See whether you can get any ideas.
answered Nov 30, 2013 by lubanolim (35,720 points)  
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There are many, but only two that I know of.

1) Logo Designing

2) Content Writing (especially if you know how to use Jonathan's products in creating high quality content in shortest possible time).
answered Nov 30, 2013 by Frendz (7,530 points)  
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