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How is Article Builder good enough for Tier 1 backlinks?

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I know people here are using Article Builder for Tier 1 backlinks. However, I would like to know if it's useful enough for that? Like as far as the suggestions go, I found that each sentence from AB article is not necessarily unique, if checked individually. So how can AB provide quality Tier 1 backlinks?
asked Dec 5, 2013 in Internet Marketing by Frendz (7,530 points)  
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The frst thing to get your head around is this: it does not matter that every peice of your content should be entirely unique and never before seen in the history of the world. ;)

The internets are built of content that is available elsewhere; syndication is what the internets do best of all.

If you are unsure about this try making some AB content and posting it onto a site that you own. See how long it takes to get indexed. You will almost certainly find that indexation is simply not an issue. I do not consider ranking here as that is down to other matters. The point is that you will find that ArticleBuilder content has no problems being shown to people on the interweb.

Next thing is this: quality. While AB content is not ever going to win prizes for originality, style or popularity the ineffable truth is this: the content is of a type that, in moderation, people like to read. People want to read 'tips' articles that give ideas and hints without going into great depth. In terms of content used for backlinking, in comparison to what most people use for backlinkg, AB content is really, really good quality.

Here's a thing. I am happy to use ArticleBuilder cntent as filler, run of site, content on my main sites. I don't use only AB stuff, it is not varied enough in style but people DO read the articles.

Given the foregoing, I'd do as I suggested above, try some content on sites, look at the indexation. Understand that there is not a problem and then confidently use the ArticleBuilder content for all your backlinking needs.
answered Dec 6, 2013 by andrewwilson (9,160 points)   1 flag
selected Mar 12, 2014 by Frendz
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