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What is the advantage of having a dedicated IP in your hosting account?

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Basic hosting plans include a free shared IP , if someone upgrade his hosting account will receive a dedicated IP.

What are the benefits?

Is it help to have better search engine visibility?

Better deliverability of the emails that contain your website adress?
asked Jan 5, 2014 in Miscellaneous by rtrev (4,140 points)  
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4 Answers

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Hi Rtrev, first off welcome to the forum glad to have you with us!!

As for your question about the benefits to having a dedicated IP,  there are several.

(1) Your website is on its own server section, for better speed quality.

(2) if your running your own store front you must have this in place in order to be able to install a SSL certificate.

(3) The speed should be faster for your visitors and traffic in general, however I do not think it affects your search engine visibility. That happens based upon the content that is on your site, and your seo practices that you have implemented both on site and off site. Those effect the search engines more.

Also it does not have much to do with the emails, nor how they get delievered. However, typically you will have your own IP address rather than the servers shared Ip address when you do have the  dedicated IP.It also can help to avoid more hack attempts, with a shared hosting plan your site is listed with many others together so if their site gets hacked many times it can also interfer with your files etc. Or at least that is what I was told by by hosting provider when my entire site got wiped out a few years back.


I hope my answer helps your question

answered Jan 9, 2014 by libby (23,340 points)  
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Let's make a distinction between dedicated IP (a few bucks) and a dedicated server (a few hundreds of bucks). In the former case the site is NOT on its own. It is still on a shared server but it has it's unique identifying IP address. The advantages are:

1) You need a dedicated IP to use an SSL certificate and

2) If one of the sites on a shared server is found to have any malware on it, your site may be blacklisted too. With a dedicated IP that will not happen.

Other than that a dedicated IP will not help with SERPs. There are a few articles suggesting otherwise over the net, but you'll see that anyone saying this usually has his own interest into selling you hosting with a dedicated IP. Most SEOs agree that the advantages of a dedicated IP are minimal. Just make sure to check from time to time that your IP doesn't get blacklisted.

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answered Jan 17, 2014 by Arthur Burlo (480 points)  
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With a dedicated IP, no other websites will be located in same IP, so it can be good for SEO, because you'll avoid bad neighbours.

Other reason is for linkbuilding - some people acquire dedicated IP in order to create their own blog networks.
answered Jan 10, 2014 by Christiano (49,030 points)  
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There are both pros and cons to having a dedicated IP. Some of that depends on how you plan to to use the services provided.

As mentioned, if you need a SSL certificate, you should have a dedicated IP. I've heard mention of shared certificates, but I never looked into them so I don't know anything about them.

Can a dedicated IP help with email deliveries? Maybe. If another site on a shared IP spams a lot, it is possible the IP could get blacklisted. The better hosting providers monitor this very closely and don't tolerate spamming and will work to hard to get a blacklisted IP returned to normal, but it is possible for there to be short term problem.

The same holds true for the 'bad neighbor' problem. Search engines are aware that an IP can have many sites atteached to it. The 'bad neighbor' only becomes a problem when it becomes a 'bad neighborhood' with many of the sites on an IP doing bad things. Again, good providers will work to avoid this as their reputations are at stake as well.

It is easy to find all the sites on an IP. If you have a dedicated IP with all your sites on it, it would be easy for someone to find all your sites. If you are doing thin (or otherwise questionable) sites, it would be easy for search engine to find and examine all your sites and evaluate them.

Security isn't so much connected to an IP as it is to the sites hosted on the server. It is possible for a hacker to gain some server access through a compromised site. Every site on a shared IP is on the same server, but a server can host multiple IP addresses. Just because you change from a shared IP to a dedicated IP doesn't mean you will be moved to a new server. You will still be on a server with other sites.

A dedicated IP has little, if any, affect on speed or SEO... at least not that I am aware of.

Only a VPS or dedicated server will provide any speed increase or give you protection from other sites being hacked. You would be he only one on the server (or slice of a server in the case of a VPS) and won't have to share resources with others.
answered Jan 11, 2014 by BigShell (1,500 points)  
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