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Plugin that adds 'read more' to a single post?

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Does anybody have any clue about a plugin that adds 'read more' to a single post page?

NOT to shorten the post on the main/blog page to an excerpt, to do it only on the actual post page.

Stumped if I can find one, at least one that works. lol
asked Jan 15, 2014 in Search Engine Optimization by Naishster (220 points)  
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2 Answers

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I may not be reading this correctly, but if you just want Read More at the end of a blog post, why not either use a graphic or the words - then hyperlink to the content you want them to see next.

On the other hand, if you want to automatically provide links to related articles (such as you can read related blog posts), then I recommend Yet another related posts plugin.
answered Jan 26, 2014 by techtamers (5,230 points)  
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I think all themes have the function of "next post" or "previous post".

OR you can use the more tag in the Compose window in WP dashboard.

"We Will Become What We Think About"

answered Jan 27, 2014 by Blue Spring (8,310 points)  
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