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What are Angela's Backlinks?

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I am new to Drop My Link - - a free online tool for finding blogs to comment on.

One of the options provided is called "Angela's Backlinks".

I googled it, and still a little confused.

Do you know about Angela's Backlinks? Could you explain this type of backlinks in simple terms? And how is it different compare to backlinks optained from commenting on CommentLuv Premium blogs?
asked Feb 25, 2014 in Search Engine Optimization by weifu (660 points)  
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Angela backlinks are the pages that was searched by their team. All you have to do is visit the pages they gave to you and create an account, fill-up your profile and a link to your site.

Anyway, they also provide a step by step instructions. I've also used their content and seems they are doing fine.

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I assume that you are talkink about Angela Edwards.

These are what I would call Sammy links - you are basically using a number of forums etc to get backlinks, in qantity from the same provider. Soon enough, most of these forums would be loaded with so many link cheats that the whole value of the forum would die out. You may get a short term boost, but I would advise against it.

Angela also sells her backlink packages to thousands of subscribers and I can assure you the forums and blogs that you post to get tons of comments daily and they will most likely be devalued over time.

I would maybe use some for a base for your backlinking if you must and concentrate more on quality backlinks such as EDU, GOV, actual page rank, these are far more valuable and Google respects these much more.  

answered Mar 1, 2014 by dwopman (520 points)  
selected Mar 2, 2014 by weifu
Thanks. When I looked at the search results for Angela's backlinks, I noticed they weren't that good. Still I wondered. Thank you for a detailed answer.
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