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Hey is there any way to speed up the approval process for ads? I am going to be hitting 2 weeks pretty soon that my ad has been sitting "in review."
Dec 18, 2013 by jsniemeyer  
Now look at this.. you answered the question , "Presell with a review or send people directly to sales page?" and you were able to make your answer look attractive.. bold type, individual paragraphs. Look at my answer to the same question.. ONE BIG BLOCK OF TYPE.. I wasn't able to bold anything. Now I wonder which answer would naturally draw the most readers? Basic marketing 101, right?
Oct 3, 2013 by Tradeview  
Hey Jon, again.. sorry for "modifying the font".. maybe it would be better if this capability WASN'T BUILT INTO THE PROGRAM... yes? Why have it if you don't want people to use it? It makes no sense to me whatsoever.
Oct 3, 2013 by Tradeview  
Why hide an answer and not just delete it? I've had one hidden and my signature removed.. I think. I didn't take my answer in account with the signature I posted later. So now I see the answer "hidden" .. which is alright by me, but my signature has been removed as well. I don't want to have to keep posting it over and over... already done that twice.  But thanks for the service Jon,  it's pretty cool!
Sep 15, 2013 by Tradeview  
Jon, sorry to bother you but since you are a coder is there a possibility that you offer options not to earn point for Q&A? I have answered questions I feel people should know but feel awful about it by earning points. I would like to tick such options when answering or making a question.
Sep 7, 2013 by Buxykay  
Sorry, but I can't do that. It looks REALLY spammy when one person posts a bazillion questions one after the other. It looks like you're just out to get points. That's why I have the measure in place to prevent it.

I would suggest that you only post a question when you actually need an answer to it.
Sep 7, 2013 by jonathanleger  
Hi Jon, it's me, Christiano, another loyal customer. :) I'm loving this QA site, it's fantastic. But, is there any chance to change question restrictions? I realized I can send only 4 or 5 questions hourly, but I have too many question ideas and I can't come to website to each hour to put them. Is it possible to change to daily limit? Maybe 20 or 40 questions daily.

Thanks and I expect IM Q&A becomes a landmark!
Sep 7, 2013 by Christiano  
Hi, Jon, it's me, one of your old and still customers, i want you to make something good for your loyal customers; where you can make discount for these customers provided they have at least one product of your own creation, we are all like your products but most of us might haven't enough budget to buy their desired software, so try to expand the word and help us buying our selection from your products. Regards
Sep 6, 2013 by shawa  
You're very welcome. :)
Sep 1, 2013 by jonathanleger  
Just want to say thank you, Jon for the great products and services you release.
Sep 1, 2013 by PureGreen  
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